Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Open letter to Trump voters:

Voting for Donald Trump was an act of contempt for the people he will hurt.

"I was just voting against Clinton!" Fuck you, there's no box on the ballot that says 'Against Clinton'.

You voted for a narcissistic sociopath, and you did it because he promised to stick it to brown people.

You bought him, you own him.

Demographics will swing things back, no matter how much gerrymandering and voter suppression a Republican Supreme Court lets the GOP get away with, short of physically blocking non whites from the polls this wire thin win cannot overcome the reality that the electorate is 2% less white, every election.

Your kids will be sent to war again. The people around Trump know he's a one term president who will massively damage the Republican brand and will be looking for a 'bad guy' to distract you with. Probably not Russia though, since the White House is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Putin oligarchy.

There were credible reports before the election that Trump was honey trapped and compromised during a visit to Moscow. Considering some of the accusations against him (Guess that child rape trial is off now) we probably don't want to see the photos spread across Putin's desk right now.

But we will, it's inevitable.

In four years half the people who voted Trump last night will be pretending they never heard of him.

The rest of the world will neither forgive, nor forget


Purple library guy said...

I think that as we contemplate Trump's repugnance, it is tempting to simply treat every single thing he ever said as something we should oppose. So, because he's racist, and crass, and vaguely fascist, and sexist, and a climate change denier, and plans to cut taxes on the wealthy even as he acts all populist, and the horrible stuff goes on--that therefore if he suggested it's a bad idea to start wars with Russia, that too must be false.

Except that one isn't. Putin's domestic economic policies don't thrill me (they're pretty much the same as everybody else's), but his international policy is frankly very statesmanlike, far more intelligent and measured than anything we've seen from the US or the EU in who knows how long. The image of crazed Putin the out-of-control wrecker bent on attacking the US is a ridiculous propaganda fabrication, much like "Hugo Chavez the dictator" (who constantly won with solid majorities elections freer and fairer than anything ever seen in the US). Except Chavez was an awesome progressive, whereas Putin is just a competent, thoughtful nationalist. A sane US administration which was not bent on world domination would have no difficulties whatsoever dealing calmly and positively with Putin. Failing such an administration, if Trump decides not to push for World War III that would be good too, and one aspect of his misrule which would, one ought to face it, be better than what we would have gotten from "no-fly-zone" Clinton.

Some of Trump's trade policies aren't bad either. Pity that, now he's elected, he will very likely never say another word about them and there is in any case no chance of either house passing anything that would smack of protectionism, no matter which party dominated it.

Purple library guy said...

Note: That doesn't mean I would have voted for the bastard, or advocated doing so. I'm just saying, don't let him occasionally being accidentally right about something force you to be wrong about it.

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