Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Amir Taheri meets with Bush

Editor of the Iranian state newspaper under the Shah while he was clinging to power by his fingertips with death squads and torture chambers working around the clock, still a droolingly obsequious monarchist after all these years and of course, the author of the "Iran's going to make Jews wear yellow badges JUST LIKE THE NAZIS DID!' fraud, Amir Taheri met with Bush Tuesday.

He was there as a representative of the 'Iranian opposition' which ignores that the Iranian people, as much as they have come to hate the Mulluhs don't have fond memories of the Shah's regime either.

Taheri has said the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute would be for Israel to simply 'declare victory' over the Palestinians and thinks the Iraq war is going swimmingly.

With this kind of advice it's easy to see why Bush's foreign policy is going so well.

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