Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mexican about-face

Mexico has publicly ceded even the appearance of being an independent nation. Under intense criticism from the American Government, President Vincente Fox bowed to the pressure and sent Mexico's new drug de-criminalization bill back to congress.

Irrespective of the law itself, what does it say about the US/Mexico relationship that their very laws are now publicly dictated from Washington?

And what does it say about what would have happened had the election gone differently here and the Liberals had actually tried to implement their de-criminalization law? Are we as independent as we like to think?

In the long run, upcoming elections are likely to turn Fox's pro-US government into a lame duck as part of Latin America's historic surge to the left and away from America's influence. Meanwhile here in Canada, Stephen Harper's softwood sell-out makes it clear servile deep integration can be expected to accelerate as our government ties us ever tighter to the staggering giant bleeding out before our eyes.

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