Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last chance to raid the cookie jar?

Pulitzer nominated journalist Stephen Pizzo elucidates how the Republican congressmen and Senators know they have only a few months of looting time left 'until they're dragged, kicking and screaming, away from the till'.

As Karl Rove, chief Republican mid-term election strategist and the man known as Bush's brain faces the humiliation of felony indictment, and the only people with lower poll numbers than Bush himself are the GOP congressmen and senators, Democrats speak openly of what happens after they retake the House.

Will it happen? More precisely, will the Republicans allow it to happen? Through gerrymandering and the incumbent advantage the Democrats start the race several lengths back. Then there's the electronic voting machines. The largest manufacturer Diebold is run by a Republican who once promised to deliver votes to the Republican Party. Exit polls could tell a very different story from final results on election night.

Even if the Democrats re-take the House and Senate, Bush will still have the White House for another two years. The Democrats have made it clear they won't attempt to impeach him. Sure he may not control the legislative branch, but he's already made it clear though signing statements nullifying laws he doesn't like that he regards his Imperial Presidency as above the petty bounds of anything as crude as 'democracy'.

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