Sunday, May 21, 2006

Open-source movie financing

Always wanted to make a movie but never thought you could rake up the cash to do so? Some aspiring film-makers are turning to the internet for financing.

The makers of The Fix have a prospectus, a treatment and illustrative photos for an LA road story about drugs and brotherhood. They offer a deal where contributors get a vote on the filmaker's next project in proportion to their contribution to this one.

The makers of horror film Worst Case Scenario promote their film with a moody, atmospheric promo, production DVD sales and a promise to give supporters bit parts.

What's worse than zombies? Zombies with the power of flight of course.

Put these people with the folks starting open-source on-line loan sites, and the cheapness of animation and film editing software and serious feature film-making ceases being exclusively an occupation of elites. DIY was the real lesson of the punk ethos in music, a similar approach to fim-making is more of a practical option than ever.

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