Friday, May 19, 2006

Iranian dress-code story questioned

The National Post story on non-Muslims in Iran being forced to wear identifying ribbons set off a fire-storm today. Questioned on it at their joint press conference today Prime Ministers Harper and Howard both deplored the report, but both frequently appended the qualifier 'if true'.

It's beginning to look like that might have been a wise precaution, as the story is already being challenged.

The current hard-line Iranian government has certainly given the impression of being capable of such a move, but the story seems to be based entirely on the word of Iranian exiles living in Canada, which seems a bit like uncritically accepting reports about Cuba from Cuban exiles in Miami.

Again, the story may indeed be true, but uncritically accepting it at this point seems premature.

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Cliff said...

The Post is starting to back away from it's story, hands in the air.

Will Harper have to make an official public apology for saying Iran was 'capable' of such an act?

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