Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Disappeared

Bene Diction points out that if these three protesters weren't undercover police officers then three protesters were 'disappeared' after the Montebello protest.

He also appends a comment from another retired police officer convinced the three were not protesters - everything about them, their stance, their posture, where they held their hands, the way they moved screamed 'cop' to him. I find his points compelling.

The so called 'firm' denials from the Sûreté and the RCMP require little parsing to find the loopholes. Both forces deny using provocateurs, but they could simply be denying that these three were anything but undercover. 'I just picked up that big rock to keep it out of the hands of those dangerous protesters.'

Without any information about these three men handcuffed and carted away we are left with three protesters disappeared by the police or three undercover officers - there really is no third option beside an inexplicable decision by the Quebec police to not lay charges against three masked protesters, at least one armed with a rock who tried to force their way through a police line.

So which is it? Do we need to worry about three 'protesters' having been disappeared by the police?

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