Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Linkblast - August 26


janfromthebruce said...

Hi Cliff,
thanks for the link to the article, "Death to school fees."

I have watched this story unfold and completely agree with the stance of this wonderful school trustee.

As a parent who sat on a school community council after Harris came into power, I refused and convinced other parents on this council not to become a fundraising arm for essentials that now school boards couldn't afford.

Fast forward now, and as a school trustee, I am vocally on the side of a one school system, essentially for this very same reason.
We don't need more religious schools added to the mix, and nor do we need 4 redundant and duplicant school systems in Ontario. It is a waste of taxpayers dollars. Freeing up all this money, by getting rid of all this duplication would free up money. Money that could be spent on all those essential school supplies and equipment that now students and their families have to pay for or fundraise for.

Cliff said...

My pleasure. Of course it's all part of the 'Isn't it great how much lower our taxes are, hey lets lower them even further.' continuum of cognitive dissonance.

Explain to people that paying less taxes means starving school boards that have to make up the shortfall somewhere and they stare at you like a dog that's learned a new trick. Forbid school fees and maybe we can pull the covers off the deliberate shortfall. We can all pay a little more or low income parents can watch their kids fall behind because they can't afford the education - in the public system- that those better off can afford. It's class warfare being sold to people as being in their benefit.

It's less lethal then more deadly and potentially deadly infrastructure deficits like Minneapolis bridges and Quebec tunnels - but still short sighted and destructive in the long term.

Gazetteer said...

Here in BC, and especially in Vancouver, what happens with this fee crap and all this fundraising hooey is that the schools in the creme belt make out just fine because they can raise the money just fine. At the kids my school go to they even have a 'flat rate' fundraising fee that you're just supposed to give for starters.

In those areas of town where folks don't have so much disposable know...we can always have a photo-op or two between local pols and muscisians or some such thing to assuage our guilt at the fact that thousands of kids are getting screwed.

Jeez, I'm just so tired of people in this country who are pulling the ladder up after themselves.



Gazetteer said...

Clearly, however, they don't teach the parents syntax where my kids go.

Double Sheesh with a cherry on top.


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