Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ignatieff: Those who opposed the Iraq invasion were right, but for the wrong reasons

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new master of the non-apology apology:
We might test judgment by asking, on the issue of Iraq, who best anticipated how events turned out. But many of those who correctly anticipated catastrophe did so not by exercising judgment but by indulging in ideology. They opposed the invasion because they believed the president was only after the oil or because they believed America is always and in every situation wrong.
Hat tip to The Dominion

UPDATE: Quite a lot of people were annoyed by by Iggy's 'OK, I was wrong, but at least I wasn't a dirty fucking hippie' apology.

Tom Tomorrow

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Woman at Mile 0 said...

Is it that hard for him to believe that most Canadians had not forgotten the 1st Persian gulf war against Iraq? At the conclusion they (the US/world press) went over and over why it wouldn't be a good idea to go in and finish Hussein off. I don't recall that anything had changed in Iraq since the first war. If there were no WMD's (and it was obvious the UN/Blix had a handle on things) essentially the same reasons for not going in the first time still applied. It certainly wasn't rocket science.

Alison said...

It certainly wasn't rocket science.

WAMO : No, it was more like rocket surgery.

What offended me most about his article, aside from his weaseling about being wrong for the right reasons - oh, the humanity!, was that he namedropped 11 famous guys to make his case. They were the only dead he mentioned.

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