Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greenpeace 'bullying' Stelmach?

Oh suck it up buttercup!

The Edmonton Journal says that Greenpeace overplayed their hand with their banner stunt and Abertans don't appreciate seeing their premier 'bullied'.
By targeting Stelmach as the baby-seal basher of Alberta's environment, Greenpeace might have gone too far and is setting up Stelmach as the victim to the environmental bullies.
In the strange world of Alberta politics, Greenpeace might be the one left dangling on this issue, rejected by a significant number of Albertans who supported the Stelmach government and who don't appreciate being compared to whale hunters and baby-seal killers.
'A significant number of Albertans' what, all 20% of eligible voters who voted in this government?

UPDATE 1: I turned this post into a letter to the Journal.

UPDATE 2: And as Alison kindly pointed out in the comments, the Journal has led the way and the rest of Alberta's MSM has followed, on the huge story that a Greenpeace activist is also active in the NDP.

Two observations: As Thought Interrupted points out, the MSM's premise is apparently that as a part-time paid staffer with the NDP anything she ever does on her own time is NDP related. Never mind if this conflicts in any way with the cherished media narrative that environmentalists are turning away from the NDP and to the Green Party. That manufactured premise will return when convenient.

Second observation: If this is the new rule, it of course has to apply to all the professional right wingers dividing their time between various 'think tanks', lobby groups and the Conservative Party as well. It means that any paid staffer for the Conservatives, provincially or federally from this point forward found to involved in any kind of extremist behavior or message on their own time were of course acting as official representatives of the Conservative Party.

I'm sure we can count on the mainstream media to be consistent in their application of this new principal, right?


Alison said...

And now the story has moved on to one of the protestors being a part-time NDP staffer.
Oh noes...because we all know that whoever pays your wages owns your time off as well.

Good post on this from Thought Interrupted"

Ryan said...

I guess the NDP is far more "relevant" than the MSM has portrayed. At least, according to Stelmach's crew.

Oxygen Smith said...

I wrote the other one on the topic that got published in the EJ. Congrats.

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