Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Senator McClueless

No matter how often it's explained to him, no matter how often he's corrected on it John McCain seems utterly unable to grasp that Al Qaeda is a Sunni organization - or more accurately a Sunni meme - violently opposed to Shiites.

Or is it that acknowledging that the American right wing's premier Islamic bogeyman has nothing to do with Iran, is in fact an inimical foe of Iran's Shia state doesn't fit the narrative? To the extent that any state actor is linked to Al Qaeda as an organization or ideology it's Saudi Arabia, in terms of money, personnel and theology Al Qaeda is a Saudi entity.

But Saudi Arabia and it's deeply corrupt royal elite the House of Saud are allies - most specifically with the House of Bush - while Iran is the preferred threat du jour of the American Republican hawks. McCain may be having a 'senior moment' - or multiple, repeated senior moments - or this repeated falsehood may be entirely deliberate.

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