Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey Libs, is it time to put the 'opposition' in Official Opposition yet?

Canadians have been reminded of the knuckle-dragger factor by the Lukiwski scandal and the clumsy attack on arts funding that Canada's answer to Jerry Falwell took credit for. Maxime Bernier pulled aside the curtain on the illusion of the Afghanistan government's independence, the polls show that the Conservative's brief flirtation with Majority status was scuttled by Flaherty's attacks on Ontario, their over-reaching Chief of Defence staff is stepping aside and at this moment the RCMP are raiding the Conservative Party's headquarters at the request of Elections Canada.
Libs, the Conservatives are lying on the ground bleeding and dazed, it's probably safe for you to uncurl and put the boots in now.


leftdog said...

I asked the same question of a prominent Liberal blogger this morning, but he has not allowed my comment to pass 'comment moderation' (yet)!

This is 'THE' burning political question in Canada right now! We deserve an answer!

Steve V said...


It looks good. When Jason starts talking about a June election, you know it's head office approved.

Cliff said...

Too bad it had to take this long and the Tories blowing off their own feet one toe at a time.

Steve V said...

No argument here :)

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