Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pretty White Girl Alert!

Because nothing is more important. As sitcom actor Johnny Galecki quipped on the View when asked about the great Miley Cyrus crisis. "I saw all this news coverage and I figure this is a great day. The war must be over." Clearly he's some sort of communist heathen.

  • The idea that 15 year olds are non-sexual beings is dangerous nonsense promulgated by people who apparently don't remember being 15 years old.
  • A large part of the so called scandal of these Vanity Fair photos and Miley Cyrus's statement of contrition seems to have been engineered by Disney as part of her constructed identity as the virginal wholesome girl next door. Remember one of the other Disney 'It' girls forced into this same constructed identity? Worked really well for Brittany didn't it? How can any adolescent construct a post childhood identity of their own if it's devised for them by a marketing department? That way lies head-shaven meltdown.
  • On the other hand, Vanity Fair is a magazine created and marketed for older professional men. There is something a little creepy about a photo-spread of a tousled, unclothed 15 year old being marketed to this group.
  • Finally, come on, she's the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, it's a wonder she can tie her own shoes.

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