Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alberta Blues - with one splash of Orange!

As of 11:20 PM MST in Edmonton Strathcona with 222 out of 223 polls reporting, Elections Canada shows Linda Duncan with a lead of 459 votes. Unless that lone, last poll was to break overwhelmingly for Rahim Jaffer it seems fairly decisive whether CBC wants to admit it or not.

Congratulations Linda!

UPDATE 11:45 PM MST: Why does Ian Hanomansing keep announcing a Tory sweep of Alberta - by wide margins no less! Has he drunk the kool-aid at Tory headquarters tonight? Is nobody telling him Elections Canada is reporting something different?

UPDATE 6 AM MST: The final poll came in after I went to bed:

Linda Duncan - 20,076 and Rahim Jaffer - 19,634

I guess a 442 vote win might be subject to a recount but it seems pretty durable. The big blue wave is not a clean sweep in Alberta - remember that the next time you are tempted to think we're one big reactionary monolith.

FINAL UPDATE: And more good news: Apparently a certain self aggrandizing hyper partisan Liberal blogger is taking his ball and going home.

If true, good.

I'm not saying there would have been no sniping between NDP and Liberal bloggers without him, but his slimy smears and contemptible lies poisoned the atmosphere to a degree it wouldn't have been. I can't pretend to be gracious to someone who engages in casual libel, trying to destroy the reputation of decent engaged people for partisan purposes and to stroke his own ego as 'a 'player' who gets to go on TV and everything!'

Don't change your mind and don't let the door of the internets hit your ass on the way out.

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