Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogroll goes down the bog

As most have you have probably noticed, your blogroll has been gone since yesterday. appears to have been hacked. Now down altogether, the site was briefly replaced with a page of Islamic slogans which has brought out the predictable drooling hatred from some quarters of the blogosphere, hysterically blaming Islamic Jihad or some other terrorist group. It's more likely some bored teenager in his parent's basement hugging himself with joy over the fuss he's caused.

Assuming their databases are intact when blogroll is back up again I will be doing what I should have in the first place and making a back up of my blog links so that I can replace the roll with hardcoded hyperlinks if this happens again. I respectfully suggest my fellow bloggers do the same.

UPDATE: Back and intact

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Hacker Forums said...

It appears that the admins at really don't know how to fix this problem. Perhaps their web hosting software was attacked and not just their website.

Hacker Forums

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