Thursday, October 30, 2008

Libertarians for Obama

I find the whole 'the financial crisis was caused by too much regulation rather than not enough' argument to be ridiculous on its face and just as risible as the 'Bush doesn't represent true conservatism' deflection but as those who followed the discussion at my other recent post about Libertarians know, Libertarianism contains many alternative perspectives.

Case in point, the majority of contributors to Reason, the US Libertarian flagship, are endorsing Obama.


Mike said...

Interesting no?

There are a fair number over at, a far more "right" libertarian site, who are doing the same thing.

The guys at Reason are, well, reasonable and in the big picture, see the scourge of nanny state social conservatism as far more dangerous than any nascent "socialism" Obama might represent.

Cliff said...

My favorite libertarian is still Robert Anton Wilson.

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