Thursday, October 16, 2008

Organize against Voter Suppression

So I proposed that someone - not me as I'm all thumbs with Facebook - should create a group much like Michael Geist's Fair Copyright group to oppose Canada's restrictive new Voter ID laws. Such a group should also promote awareness of its requirements and even provide a kernel of a Canadian ID drive much like the voter registration drives progressives do in the US - Anything that pisses off right wingers as much as those American programs do has to have some value.

So I mentioned this idea in multiple places and Casey from the enMasse forums took me up on it.

Here's his just started group Stop Voter ID required Law, Stop Voter Suppression

I encourage those concerned about this issue to join - maybe even start more groups as well. Let's see if we can make this snowball folks.


Beijing York said...

I'm glad to see the group growing.

skdadl said...

I'm in.

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