Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Congratulations Nova Scotians

The first NDP government in Nova Scotia, and the first one east of Ontario. Congratulations for not falling for the fear mongering folks. Darrell Dexter seems like he will run a careful, focused government and a lot more people will be lost to the myths forever.

As has been pointed out by others, only two provinces in Canada have a balanced budget right now, one of them NDP, one that was NDP for more than a decade up until just last year.

But tell me the one about the irresponsible, free spending NDP again. Used to be that one never got old, but things change.

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BriguyHFX said...

As I told a bunch of my friends: we Nova Scotians are quick to punish. After 140 years of corruption, incompetance, and a low standard of living, we finally kicked those other guys out of office. Yay us!

Here's hoping the NDP actually are different than those other bastards. I'm glad they got a majority, but I'm worried that even a majority won't be enough to enact the sort of change we need. With so many entrenched Liberals and Conservatives in management levels of the public service (Board members, CEOs, DMs, and ADMs of various ministries and crown corporations), it may still be difficult for the NDP to enact any changes we need. We can't forget that these positions have been given out like fresh plums for the past 140 years by those other two parties.

Savage and Hamm may have disliked the trough, but they didn't succeed in preventing the pigs from feeding.

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