Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran Rising

More thoughts on what is happening in the streets of Iran.

First, it baffles me how many media and blog sources don't seem to understand that this is the biggest story in the world right now. We haven't seen scenes like these since the late 80's.

Second, those who are paying attention in many cases may be imposing their own biases on the situation: while many of those battling in the streets and the halls of power right now may be fighting for some kind of western secular democratic ideal - many more on both sides are probably fighting for their ideal of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution of '79 and believe passionately that they are being betrayed.

There are senior clerics and religious authorities on both sides flinging religious anathemas at each other and what is happening may be best understood as a secular takeover by revolutionary guards fighting any change in the international isolation status-quo.

Only time will tell if we are watching another Velvet Revolution or another Tienanmen Square.

UPDATE: A young Iranian responds to the official censorship and suppression of the truth about the resistance to this rigged election by bringing down Ahmadinejad's and Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei's websites. The resistance is young, technically savvy and not ready to be shoved back in the box.

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