Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They'll probably drink them

Just unimaginably paternalistic and contemptuous reasoning from Health Canada:

Health Canada delayed the delivery of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to some First Nations communities affected by swine flu because of concerns the alcohol content might be abused, the senior public health adviser to the Assembly of First Nations told a Senate committee Tuesday.

Dr. Kim Barker said the incident was only one example of the way that the measures used so far to contain the swine flu pandemic have been ill-suited to the social realities of aboriginal communities.

Better they should suffer from a pandemic if there's the slightest chance somebody might drink one. In this day and age a government health agency makes life or death public health policy decisions on the assumption that First Nations people are infants who can't be trusted with hand sanitizers.

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penlan said...

Just goes to show how rascist this govt. really is. Disgusting.

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