Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oprah turns her sights on Alberta

The most popular TV personality in the world may be planning a segment on Alberta's mean-spirited attack on transsexuals:

EDMONTON — The Alberta government’s decision to stop funding sex-change surgery has attracted the attention of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Edmonton resident Sarah King, who’s hoping to get the surgery next year in Montreal, said she was contacted through e-mail by the popular U.S. talk show when it got word Alberta was cutting funding.

A message from Harpo Studios in Chicago said the show wasn’t doing a story now, but would contact her for an interview if it does a segment on transsexuals in the future.

Kris Wells, a researcher at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, said if Oprah tells her audience about the funding cuts, Alberta’s $25-million attempt to boost its oilsands-tainted image would be a waste.


rww said...

Will Oprah be talking about all the jurisdictions in the US that provide funding for such surgery, or ANY surgery.

Cliff said...

I guess you'll have to tune in and see - of course we're talking about a jurisdiction that does provide funding for medical treatments and chose to start a campaign of reducing that by attacking a politically convenient target.

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