Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone with the Wind

First came the revelations of back-biting, careerism and rampant cynicism in Stephen Harper's cabinet revealed by Minister Rait's tape leak. Now we now find out Rait believed that Environment Minister Jim Prentice redirected funds meant for research into clean wind power to dirty tar sands power.
OTTAWA – Money earmarked to support wind energy producers was diverted to research and development in the oil patch in backroom budget wrangling, the minister of natural resources said in a conversation with an aide in January.

Lisa Raitt told aide Jasmine MacDonnell that she suspects Environment Minister Jim Prentice took the money for wind power and redirected it to his Clean Energy Plan – a $1-billion fund for research and development in the oil sands.

The revelation is likely to intensify criticism of the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper as unfriendly to the environment.

Mr. Prentice is the MP for Calgary-Centre North, home to much of Canada's oil industry. Mr. Harper also represents a Calgary riding.
Shocking, disgusting, enormously cynical and contemptuous towards the environmental concerns of the majority of Canadians.... and not even remotely surprising.

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