Friday, June 19, 2009

They had decided to electrocute him before they even saw him

In the car on the way to the airport as revealed in an email the government finally revealed on what was supposed to be the last day of the Braidwood Commission.

And you thought the RCMP's behavior couldn't look any worse.

This e-mail was one of 260 documents on a CD sent by the RCMP to the justice department last April, yet the federal lawyers didn’t open the CD until last week.

Last week? Evidence delivered in April didn’t get opened until last week?


Helen Roberts had every reason to be in tears Friday as she apologized to the public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death for failing to disclose what appears to be not just germane but also startlingly important evidence.

If Roberts had cried over Dziekanski mother’s pain, I would be moved — but a veteran lawyer wet-eyed over another screw-up in this case? I think they were crocodile tears.

Commissioner William Elliott’s carefully parsed press release was equally unbelievable: “This was simply an oversight. Unfortunately in an exercise of this magnitude, such an oversight can occur.”

Bollocks. No one but a moron overlooks the import of an e-mail like this.

The officers deny the explosive content is true and Roberts says Bent was wrong in what he said. But their protestations ring hollow after almost 18 months of bluster and denial. So does Elliott’s threadbare these-things-happen excuse.

The situation is as bad as the most virulent critics of the Mounties feared. This is no longer about four officers who made mistakes in judgment: It’s about an organization that thinks it is above the law.


k.w.m said...

There are more organizations in Canada that figure they are above the law that commit crimes daily and in some cases would be considered crimes against humanity, it is time for Canadians to wake-up and stand against the corruption of our Governing bodies in this country, from our law enforcement to children's services and various other Government agencies such as WCB which happens to be the worst as they work as judge,jury, prosecutor and executor

Dan said...

I want to know when charges are going to laid against these thugs.

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