Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush is so bad he's making Americans envy us for Harper

This was the case that caused Pat Leahy to have a genuine and intense outburst of rage after Alberto Gonzales placidly recited his mindless buzzphrases to defend the administration's conduct here. It is hard to see how anyone doesn't have a similar burst of outrage when thinking about what our government has done, and continues to do, to Maher Arar ...
At least the Canadian Government seems to be run by people with a minimal sense of conscience and decency. The contrast with our own government, in this case at least, is depressingly glaring.
Of course the difference is mostly one of political expediency rather than political courage; Harper's Tories are dealing with a mess they can righteously pin on the former Liberal government - though the Conservative Party cheering section at the Western Standard was still slandering Arar barely months ago. South of the border this is a scandal that is a threat to the current government rather than a previous government made up of the opposition party.

Harper faces political and legal dangers if he takes any action other than what he's taking - the Bush administration can't admit an innocent man was tortured for the same reasons the Harper government must. And admitting that Arar is innocent and taking him off the no-fly list leaves them responsible for sending an innocent man to a country they knew would torture him.

They will never admit that.

But hey, we can watch Leahy slowly flay Gonzales with words on live TV some more.

Update: Mike is disapointed that Harper can't be classy for one frickin' day without going to the partisan place.

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