Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fraser Institute's 'independent review' of UN Global Warming reported leaked and critiqued by DeSmogBlog

Fraser Institute 'Analysis'” of IPCC Report Out of Date, Oil-Soaked and Incorrect.

Before the Fraser Institute could even release their bought and paid for hit job of the IPCC Report on climate change, DeSmogBlog has leaked it and launched an impeccably sourced and scathing response.

While the Fraser Institute claims the IPCC report was written by UN bureaucrats and their 'independent' response is by scientists, the truth turns out to be the opposite. This is the kind of journalism the Mainstream media should be doing and isn't.

Once again the Fraser Institute blatantly acts as a paid PR firm defending its client's interests. Any report in the MSM that uncritically parrots their own self-description as an independent think tank is either knowingly or negligently abetting a fraud.

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