Friday, April 13, 2007

Hypocritical scumbag watch

So Greg Kandra a writer and producer at CBS and Editor of Katie Couric's blog has posted a piece today on the new blogger code of conduct that the MSM is so hot and heavy for (Warren Ellis has the best takes on it here and here.), mostly Kandra just quotes the Sieberg piece on the subject, concentrating on a quote of a viciously racist attack on Barack Obama by some anonymous troll.

Purely coincidentally I'm sure, this is the same day that Drudge, crediting it to Couric herself, linked to a sensational entry that Kandra wrote two days ago rehashing the already conclusively proven false smear that Obama was raised a Muslim and attended a radical Madrassa school. The video of Couric riffing on the piece is still here. To CBS's delayed credit they smack Katie for it here.

Clearly since the piece was written, lawyers have been involved and somebody has massively corrected the entry noting that all changes are in bold.

So for example
Is America ready for a President who grew up praying in a mosque?
which at the moment is still the link text at Drudge, was turned into
Is America ready to elect a President whose connections with Islam were the subject of rumor and innuendo?
Another correction admits flatly that
...the rumors [were] later disproved .
Since the entry as it currently appears is a clear testament to a slanderous and irresponsible perversion of journalism, the final sentences that remain unchanged are now even more mind-bogglingly lame:
It's too soon to know what America will decide about Barack Obama or his background.

But it's not too soon to wonder if America will see that background as an asset...or a liability.
What background is that exactly? Being the target of clumsy slanders and slurs by intolerant partisan hacks masquerading as journalists?

And these are the people telling us that we're the ones who need a code of conduct.

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