Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Intensity based targets mean greenhouse gasses get worse.

It's really that simple. If your big reduction is simply to make the oil companies reduce the emissions per barrel but not restrict their absolute emissions the emissions will go up. Baird admits it openly, the Conservative plan does nothing until 'greenhouse gases have stopped rising'.

Intensity targets created in collaboration with oil companies who helped index them to already planned production efficiencies cannot, in any meaningful way, be considered getting tough with the big polluters and big Conservative donors of the Oil Patch. We're giving them credit for wringing every penny out of every ton of new emissions that they pump into the atmosphere. We're promoting a development strategy based on cancer cell growth by promising not to restrict their excesses until they've reached their most obscene summit possible.

These are non-existent cuts. This plan from the 'New Government of Canada' is nothing more nor less than a con where the Conservatives Alberta oil money supporters set our nation's policy to their benefit and are given carte blanche to continue to increase their greenhouse emissions, hell they are encouraged to.

This plan and the government suggestion that it is in some way a balanced, moderate solution to a controversial debate is a deliberate abuse of the fallacy of The Golden Mean, the logical fallacy that proposes that some theoretical rhetorical 'middle-ground' between two 'extremes' must intrinsically be the best alternative. Considering that the very suggestion that there is any controversy about the science of global warming is the result of deliberate scientific distortion paid for by the same oil companies, the dichotomy is even more false.

This government's breathtaking irresponsibility on this, the most important issue of our time, is only exceeded by their contempt for the intelligence of the Canadian people for thinking we'll fall for this piece of crap.

Please folks, don't make a liar out of me.

Don't fall for this piece of crap.

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