Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rachel Marsden: A whole new continent of bridges to burn

Having left a trail of shell shocked ex-boyfriends, jobs where security guards escorted her out of the building when she was fired, restraining orders, racism scandals, false rape accusation scandals and a lot of really shitty writing Rachel Marsden has relocated to Paris. (She once wistfully declared a desire to stalk President Nicolas Sarkozy.) Now she's flogging a roman a clef to various publishers about her brief stint at Fox News.
Aspiring fameball Rachel Marsden once loved Fox News mastermind Roger Ailes like an uncle responsible for her career — even after his henchmen booted Marsden from the building. No more: in a "novel" she's shopping, Ailes is the "blubbery" villain.
Now taking bets on how long it is before she gets thrown out of France or runs out of money because nobody wants to publish her crappy book.

Bigot For Hire
Another day, another 'Rachel Marsden' acts like a psycho' story

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