Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's the appeal?

Is it the psychopathic glint in her eye? The promo picture with her head photo-shopped onto Julia Roberts' body? The far right politics with a dash of racism? The long (long, long) chain of false rape claims, harassment accusations, restraining orders and ruined careers?

Why do guys still date Rachel Marsden
, knowing the relationship will likely end in tears, court action and news stories where they're running to a car with their coat over their heads?

Figure it out guys, nobody, no matter how questionably hot, is worth waking up with a boiled bunny in your bed. At this point she has enough shell-shocked Ex's to form their own support group.

Run away!

See: A timeline of madness, starting with this latest glimpse into the seething abyss and going backwards.

1 comment:

Edward said...

She needs a court order from the World Court in The Hague that states:

1. Must wear an insignia LSB (Lying, Stalking, Bitch) prominently on clothing if there is any chance the male half of the public will see her;
2. Will not express an opinion on any subject, expect when it concerns what she wants to eat or drink, forever;
3. No access to an electronic/electric device more complicated than a hairdryer; and
4. Must return Canadian Passport - no respectable Canadian wants anything to do with her!!!

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