Monday, March 24, 2008

Already in the bag

When Manley made his 'tough' recommendation that the Afghanistan mission continue if, and only if, another NATO country ponied up a thousand additional soldiers, the government already knew they were getting them.
A senior Liberal MP says, however, that the Americans were prepared to send 1,000 reinforcements to assist the Canadians even before the Manley commission recommended such an arrangement. The Conservative government, with the help
of the Liberals, recently approved a motion to extend the mission in Afghanistan to 2011 on condition that another NATO country send 1,000 troops to assist the Canadians in Kandahar. That was the recommendation of a commission led by former Liberal cabinet minister John Manley which issued its report in January.

Ever get the feeling that you're being subjected to carefully orchestrated manipulation? Have another beer, it will pass.

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