Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will Liberals abandon immigrants?

When the only alternative is to stand up to the Conservatives and -shudder- face the voters? Bet on it.
OTTAWA -- The New Democrats are preparing to force St├ęphane Dion's Liberals to take the country into an election or vote for a bill that lawyers say will strip transparency from the immigration system and deny basic rights to foreigners hoping to come to Canada. Olivia Chow, the NDP Immigration critic, said yesterday that she will introduce an amendment to omnibus 136-page budget legislation that includes two pages of changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act - a law bought in by the Liberals in 2002.Because they are included in the budget bill, the proposals won't get separate debates, nor will they be examined by a Commons committee. But they will be considered a matter of confidence.
Voting against the bill - or voting for Ms. Chow's amendment - would plunge the country into an election.

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