Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mandatory voting follow up

So I did a piece about mandatory voting in the bitter days just after Alberta's embarrassing provincial election - less than half of the eligible population voted and about half of them voted for the PCs, so we're being governed by a party that less than 20% of the adult population voted for.

A few days later when far right columnist Lorne Gunter wrote a dismissive piece in the Calgary Herald about how undemocratic the idea of mandatory voting was I felt the need to correct his elementary factual mistakes. Didn't bother checking to see if they published my letter till today - and they did, more than a week ago.

It's almost enough to make me read the Herald more regularly than just when they're trying to boost their circulation numbers by handing out free copies to commuters.




theo said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Cliff.

Oxygen Smith said...

Well, Lorne Gunter's opposition to it is dismissable for the reason that he likes the results we get, but there's sound lefty reasoning to not getting behind mandatory voting.

I voted, I have progressive friends who didn't, but this editorial in Edmonton's VUE Weekly encapsulates my sentiments fairly well.


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