Sunday, March 16, 2008


I started this blog two years ago this month. Sometime in the next few weeks I will post my thousandth post and register my 40,000th hit.

Not bad for something I began as a lark because my beautiful girlfriend had started one for her crochet projects and suggested I might enjoy playing with blogger too.

Drop by and say hi folks, this is an open thread and if I can be forgiven the arrogance, if anyone has some favorite posts from the last few years of my ranting, feel free to post a link.

Here's a few of mine:
  • The same weight to a lie
    My obligatory blog rant about the flaws of the MSM

  • Masters of Mendacity
    One of my more representative runs at the Fraser Institute

  • Montebello protesters stop blatant police provocateurs before they can engineer a riot
    The post that got more hits - by the hundreds! - than any other I've done.

  • For Profit Healthcare claims another victim
    My mom is a former nurse and hospital administrator and I've grown up my whole life around the health care system. I consider those advocating a return to the bad old days of private for profit care to be little more than vandals and nothing enrages me more than the outright falsehoods they use to advance their goals. This post is one of very many, but is representative in how no subject I blog on gets more push back - even from supposed progressives! - then defending public single-payer care. Bottom line, if the proponents of more health care privatization have to make up or massage their facts to make their case, and they do, they probably don't have a great case, do they?

  • Liberal MPs show their true colours
    A year ago the Liberals gave us a taste of what to expect from their non-existent opposition to Stephen Harper and demonstrated once and for all whose side they were on. This isn't a minority government we're in right now, it's a coalition government of two center right parties. This post also covers one of my main themes here, organized labour.

  • Canada's Railways a disaster waiting to happen
    My family has had a cabin on the shores of Wabamun Lake since the 30's. No matter how often we moved or where we moved to the one concrete piece of stability was summers spent there. CN Rail's emphasis of speed and profitability over safety, with the help of government oversight reduced to almost nothing, destroyed that piece of my childhood, perhaps permanently. I might be a little bitter.

  • Homelessness and mean spirited Calgary
    This piece got re-printed in Alberta Views an excellent magazine that puts the lie to the idea of a politically conservative Alberta monoculture.

All the subjects covered on this blog are also linked by labels - feel free to browse by subject.

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