Thursday, March 06, 2008

Laying blame

The Liberal Party has revealed that their next opposition day motion will condemn the irresponsible and selfish actions of the people most responsible for the installation of Stephen Harper's government: The Canadian people.

"These self righteous beer and popcorn gorging voters need to be put on notice." fumed a Liberal Party spokesman. "They put their selfish desire to punish the Liberal Party for looting a few tens of millions of dollars from a unity fund over our rightful place in government. How opportunistic can these people be, putting their own revulsion at a little petty criminality over the needs of the Liberal Party?"

The Liberals further revealed that they plan to vote to condemn the media for reporting on the multitude of scandals that plagued the Chretien and Martin governments and also the democratic system that allowed the opposition to usurp their comfortable offices in government block.

The spokesman went on to say that "We're putting these people, institutions and concepts on notice that they are all responsible for Stephen Harper's reign of terror, and they should all be very, very ashamed of themselves."

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