Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hope and Fear 2008?

Clinton is hinting at a unity ticket of her and Obama in the general - but she wants to be on top.

Yeah, I don't like that mental image any more than any of you do. Here's some mind wash:Jonathan Alter runs the numbers: In the most unlikely best case scenario imaginable for Clinton in every race coming up, Obama's run of landslides on and after Super Tuesday still leaves him ahead in the pledged delegate count. She would have to count on the super delegates overturning the democratic will of the voters in order to win, and to get there she would have to run ultra negative from here on out and poison Obama's candidacy utterly in the general - which would certainly poison hers as well. She's already given McCain enough road-tested negative messages and quotes to seriously damage Obama going forward.

Never underestimate the Democratic Party's preternatural ability to pull humiliating defeat from the jaws of overwhelming victory.

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