Thursday, March 06, 2008

Changing the Math

The Clinton campaign wanted the Michigan delegates to count at the Convention. Michigan lost its delegates after defying the party by staging their primary early in an effort to increase their prestige in the process. Hillary won Michigan, but did so almost by default as she was the only major candidate who's name was even on the ballot. As with Florida which is in the same position, there was never any chance that delegates picked by such a flawed and unfair process would be seated.

But now the equation changes:

A member of the DNC's Rules And Bylaws Committee--the committee that stripped Florida and Michigan of its delegates for moving their primaries before February 5th--told me that Michigan plans to get out of its uncounted delegate problem by announcing a new caucus in the next few days.

"They want to play. They know how to do caucuses," the DNC source said. "That was their plan all along, before they got cute with the primary."

Obama, of course, has shown that the caucus format treats him very, very well. Clinton may come to regret pushing for Michigan's delegates to be seated.

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