Friday, March 14, 2008

House of cards

In a real courtroom this case would already have been dismissed by now.

A defendant who was by any reasonable definition a child at the time of his alleged crime, shifting stories, action reports that clearly show someone else threw the fatal grenade being re-written months after the fact to implicate Khadr, and now it comes out that the injured fifteen year old Canadian boy was almost exclusively interviewed by a US army interrogator later convicted for torture and murder of detainees.

The movie Taxi to the Dark Side is about an innocent Afghan taxi driver tortured to death by the same army officer who interrogated the severely injured child Omar Khadr. The statements he elicited from Khadr are the basis of the case against him.

Calling this a kangaroo court is an insult to kangaroos.

Of course even if by some miracle Khadr was found not guilty, and the chief prosecutor at Guantánamo was quoted as basically saying that only convictions were acceptable results, the US has indicated that Not Guilty rulings will not necessarily result in releases.

And our government stands by silently as Australia and Britain secure the release of their citizens from the dungeon of Guantánamo, as a child is interrogated by convicted torturers and as his trial descends into farce.

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