Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Uh, oh.

Nation, it’s tempting to say that our economy is in the crapper. But I think that’s unfair. It is past the crapper, down the tubes, out the illegal runoff pipe into the ocean where lobsters are feeding on it. - Stephen Colbert's writing team.
When economists start going from morose to panicky and from avoiding using the 'R' word to avoiding using the 'D' word, when elderly and respected lending institutions have to be bailed out by the government because of bank runs, when sub-prime victims start setting up Hooverville style squatter camps and when money changers in Amsterdam refuse to take American dollars because they don't trust them, the only sane response is...

uh, oh

Of course none of this is a surprise, some people started hearing the rumbles and noticing the gathering clouds years ago. If anything this whole mess might be overdue - which might end up making it worse as the breaking strain has built up even more pressure.

Hold tight folks, thanks to the breath-taking irresponsibility of it's breathtakingly blind stewards who couldn't fix this mess if they knew how or were ideologically willing to even try, the economy is about to take us all on one hell of a ride.

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