Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CNN predicts Democrats will take House

They just called it. The Dems will take the House. At the moment, the Senate looks likely to maintain a slim GOP majority.

In some of the happiest news of the night, South Dakota voters appear to be decisively overturning The Napoli Law, the ultra restrictive abortion ban that had no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the woman. Good news.


leftdog said...

This is great news! The prospect of George W. holding both Houses would have been seen as a vote of confidence for his foreign policy. By giving the House of Reps to the Dems, the American people have helped to put Bush into early 'lame duck' status.

This is great! I had been feeling very negative about the results, I actually thought that Americans were going to let the Republicans continue with one party control of Washington and NOW that is NOT going to occur!

Very good news!

Gazetteer said...

And with the McCaskill win in Missouri they may take the Senate too (even without Lieberman) if Webb holds in Virginia.

We all owe Michael J. Fox now.


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