Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well Played

Jack Layton just forced Harper to choose between an election he can't win over an issue he tanks in the polls on and screwing his buddies in the oil patch with a real Greenhouse plan.

Simultaneously, with all eyes on the Liberal Leadership contenders and weeks to go to convention, they will now have to explain to the extremely pro-environment Canadian people, and even more pro environment Quebec delegates whether saving the world is worth it or not.

Jack Layton just picked the next Liberal Party leader and the election date.


Neo Conservative said...

I love the lunatic left. Just about every dipper blog warns you, "All comments must be approved by the blog author." A little cowardly & Stalinist for me, but hey, that's democracy I guess. Please feel free to drop by and comment at my blog... no censorship policy in effect.

As for the Supreme Leader...

What Jack is saying is he'll bring down the government if they don't adopt this single policy.

Where I come from that's called 'blackmail'.

I'm guessing the NDP has been polling frantically and the question goes something like this... "In the absence of a Liberal Party Leader, would you, this one time, pretty please, consider throwing your vote to the NDP?"

Geez Jack, you sure you wanna die on this particular hill?

Cliff said...


I love so called conservatives who consider people exercising their property righs to be Stalinist - it's very revealing. I get a lot of comment spam and anonymous mouthbreathing trolls posting - I don't apologize for choosing not to waste space on them. someone who identifies themselves and hs an actual honest to gosh point to make will always get approved.

This 'single Conservative policy' is overwhelmingly opposed by the Canadian people - almost 70% of whom voted center left to socialist in the last election as you may recall - and oh yeah, may involve the future of life on Earth.

Oh well, at least Conservative outrage at NDP 'blackmail' -an interesting description of elected parliamentarians fulfilling their duties in a minority government and representing their voters to say the least - is easier to stomach that outraged Liberals who honestly can't conceive why the NDP just wont do what they do - and put the needs of the Liberal Party first.

Cliff said...

Oh, and a relevant quote I found amusing in current context:

”It’s not the responsibility of the Official Opposition to support the entire program of the government. Two-thirds of Canadians did not vote for this government. The Liberal party can’t expect to walk in and simply propose its own program that only one-third of Canadians supported and expect that everybody’s going to vote for it.”
Stephen Harper - Oct. 5, 2004.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Well I'm glad we got this silly "save the whales" shit out of the way. Harper can declare the issue dead ("we had the best plan to deal with actual environmental issues shot down by people who complain that Winnipeg isn't cold enough yet, so rather than play this childish game we'll move onto some important issue, like what shade of blue our party emblem should be") and note that Layton would rather worry about some potential problem 250 years away than the actual problems that crippled Toronto all of July.

And the best of it all, at the end of the day this "back to committee" approach looks like the result of negotiations with Layton. Win win!

Cliff said...

whistle past the graveyard much?

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