Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That racist loon with the gun intimidating voters in Arizona

Latino voters in Arizona were confronted by aggressive anti-immigrant activists armed with a video camera and a gun at a polling station in Tucson yesterday. They were well known in Arizona from the extreme lunatic fringe of the extreme anti-immigrant movement.

Armed, threatening and almost pathetically eager to provoke conflict and violence Ray Warden has a noxious history of intimidation and bullying:
With a fanny pack loaded with water bottles strapped to his belly, a Glock 9mm on his hip, and a bullhorn to amplify his outrage, Roy Warden, 59, emerged this spring as one of the country's most controversial, volatile, and, many believe, dangerous characters of the anti-immigration movement. Along with occasional sidekicks Russ Dove, a former militia leader and convicted car thief, and Laine Lawless, the founder of the group Border Guardians who earlier this year urged neo-Nazis to terrorize Hispanics, Warden has burned and trampled Mexican flags in public, nearly started at least one riot, regularly wreaked havoc on Tucson City Council proceedings, and E-mailed a death threat to a prominent local public defender. Without regular followers or even a named group behind him, Warden is a one-man band of immigrant-bashing hate, a man so untamed that other anti-immigration activists shun him as an embarrassment.


Roy Warden said...

Listen up, Pendejos!

If you are an Illegal Alien, be afraid, be very afraid, of these five things: La Noche, La Chupacabra, La Migra, the American Rule of Law and Warden the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner.

Illegal Mexicans are no longer a protected species in Pima County. When I find out who you are I will turn La Migra onto you and photograph your arrest and deportation. Eventually, I will publish your picture on the internet, with a warning: "Beware! I am coming for you!"

I've already deported 13.

Eschuchame! Beware La Noche...and be afraid!

Cliff said...

Amazingly enough this appears to be the real racist lunatic himself - looks like I got his attention.

And apparently he has nothing better to do.

Gazetteer said...


You may find it interesting to read the comments to the Tuscon Citizen piece.

Based on those comments it appears that many of these folks equate marching with flags to intimidation with guns.

I suggest you contact David Orcinus about this matter.


Cliff said...

thanks, dropped him a line.

eat said...

Roy seems to have been commenting something similar on every blog he could find today. Comments on my own as an example - Roy Warden. I think his self-proclaimed notoriety has gone to his head.

Thursday said...

I don't know - see if you can get numbnuts there to go further: you could point out that if you were in the United States, he'd have to go one hell of a long ways to get you back to your country of origin...

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