Saturday, November 04, 2006

Unspinning the Neo-Con spin-cycle

All the neo-cons are spinning the desperate line that it was the execution not the plan, that it was the bureaucracy or the military, or Rumsfeld or in some advanced cases going all the way to acknowledging the deficiencies of the Commander in Chief.

Of course an essential point to their ferocious promotion of their cause was their full throated defense of Bush, of the team he had assembled and yea, did bosoms heave manfully and jowls quiver aggressively in the brisk wind of the hot air blown about the resolute genius of George W. Bush, the cold yet heroic cunning of Dick Cheney, and of the steadfast, experienced mastermind Donald Rumsfeld, the ideal Secretary of Defense to bring America into the 2st century.

It's as if they think we are too dumb to remember their own words of just a few years ago.


uranium said...

You are kidding me right?

Cliff said...

About what?

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