Sunday, November 26, 2006

Takin' Care of Business

Canada has three national Anthems: O Canada, the Hockey Night in Canada theme music and this DOA covered BTO classic.
Talk - Action = Zero


Gazetteer said...

Man O Man.

That is almost, but not quite, 6.3 times better than Jughead's 'Hockey, Hockey, Hockey'.

How come we haven't heard it yet on Vinyl Tap me wonders?


Cliff said...

I've seen DOA live a bunch of times. I remember sneaking into the Commodore Ballroom underage to see them at a benefit show - pro-education and anti-Bill Vanderzalm.

Lead singer joe Keithly's auto-biography 'I Shithead' is a nifty tour of DOAs musical career - which is basically the history of West Coast Canadian punk.

Gazetteer said...

Seen 'em little (Smilin' Buddha), seen 'em big (opening for the Clash, who they essentially slam-trashed with hilarity and mackinaws just like with the suits in the hockey video). Keithly is, indeed a treasure, and a treasure trove, and if I remember correctly his brother is big in the local labour movement.

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