Friday, November 03, 2006

Evangelicals About to Turn on GOP?

As a major Evangelical leader claims that although he did buy the crystal meth from the gay prostitute and had hotel room massages from him but didn't do the drugs or have sex with him, a New York Times/CBS poll puts evangelicals as evenly split on whether they will vote Republican or Democrat.

Note these are just those who admit to planning to vote. I've said for months that the story on November 8th will be all the Right Wingers who end up not voting at all.

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North of 49 said...

That's some poll. There's barely a single happy number for the Republicans in all those demographic slices. In most of them, their only hope would be to swing every undecided vote their way, which ain't gonna happen.

The evangelical numbers: 41% Repub, 42% Dem, 17% waffling, are not just cool all by themselves, but if they hold they should make it all but impossible for Rove to spin, and the MSM to dutifully echo, any meme about "values voters" tipping a close race inexplicably from a slim Democrat lead into a squeaker Republican win. In other words, it'll be harder to use the 2004 script as a cover for election fraud, if any (Ah-ha-ha-ha), this time around.

Maybe in the post-mortem they'll call it the Foley-Haggard Factor.

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