Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Potter Day

Picked up the last book. I'm letting my girlfriend read it first, because I want to retain the use of my fingers and she'd probably break them yanking it away from me. The funny part is she resisted the series for years and only started reading my copies two weeks ago.

She burned through all six in a week. Now she's been curled up in the chair by the window since I came in with the seventh book about half a hour ago - she's up to page 41 and occasionally complaining that she can't read fast enough.

We went to a big street fair a downtown bookstore had last night - Steven's avenue became 'Daigon Alley' for the night - which was appropriate, as the avenue behind it is a dark street of sleazy pawn shops, always empty but suspiciously successful video game arcades, grimy cafes and furtive drug dealers. A perfect Knock Turn Alley. Alas, the block party was more crowded and crazy than the Stampede grounds at their worst so we fled fairly quickly and I bought the book this morning elsewhere.

The girlfriend can read The Deathly Hallows - I'm about to dive into Warren Ellis's new book Crooked Little Vein.

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