Monday, July 16, 2007

Three dead. Eleven since 2000.

Chuckwagon horses at the Stampede that is. Dying in splintered agony with a bloody clockwork regularity. Every year we wonder how many will die, and hope for the best. Usually we're disappointed.

Fuck this macho bullshit.

I'm no hypocrite. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat veal or foie gras either. I don't have a problem with subsistence hunting, but I find trophy hunting repellent. It's all just a matter of where you draw the line. You don't have to believe in animal rights to believe in animal welfare.

I don't have a problem with responsible stewardship of an animal which even racing can be.

But the Chucks are just a despicable slaughter. They are no longer defensible. The essence of the sport is macho one-upmanship, with the lives of horses merely props.

Stop the slaughter. Tradition is no excuse.

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Dan said...

If, instead of the chuck wagons, every year they blindfolded someone and send him (it would probably be a man to something this stupid macho) into a stable with a loaded revolver and he got to squeeze off a couple rounds, would the chuck wagon proponents be upset. Functionally it's the same thing.

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