Sunday, July 29, 2007

National Schadenfreude Consensus

In the face of a massive and aggressive campaign by Canada's media elite to cast him as a great Canadian being nipped at by non-entities over inconsequentialities, the Canadian people have responded with a hearty "Fuck Conrad Black."

Take away his order of Canada, throw him in a cell, spend the next decade tracking down his money, go for it. Rich, arrogant, far right businessman and media oligarch who stole worker's pension funds and ripped off investors is getting punished.


All his followers, trapped by past public obsequiousness, and by their own unacknowledged class war self identification feel compelled to continue their increasingly queasy support for the right wing media's sugar daddy.

And the guardians of official journalism wonder why they keep losing eyeballs to citizen journalists.

Hat tip to Buckdog.

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