Friday, July 13, 2007

Lord Connie: It's funny when bad things happen to bad people.

He should have been jailed for looting workers pension funds, or conning controlling shares of his first corporate acquisition out of senile widows. Instead he was a beloved figure among Canada's fiscal and media elite - they loved his unvarnished contempt. But then he pushed it a little too far, got a little too arrogant. He ripped off the wrong people and now he faces up to 35 years in prison. American prison.

The Canadian media elite have gone into shock - see the Globe and Mail's outraged squeals. Consequences are for the little people.


Larry Gambone said...

What I find strange about all the butt-kissing of Black by the media is that the guy is such an obvious nut case. Not just his slimy business dealings which are indicative of a sociopathic nature, but his need to live in insane opulence and the whole ridiculous thing about getting a seat in the House of Lords. These aspects simply shout to the skies that he is very insecure and shallow as a child's wading pool. A secure person does not need to prove anything to anybody and thus can live modestly. A person with any depth knows that obsolete (and bought) titles mean little and that a lot of fancy surroundings do not make you a superior person.

Cliff said...

And then there's the sad pretension to literary genius and pontificating intellectual superiority when he's clearly just a blowhard with a thesaurus.

I have a friend who's an auto-didactic expert on 20th century century history. He's says Connie's actually a pretty good writer.

A lot of good books have been written in prison.

Urrrr... just flashed on Babs pressing a withered dug up against the glass in the visitors room like in Midnight Express... have to go throw up my soul now.

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