Saturday, July 05, 2008

Greenwald on FISA

He's been battling it now for what seems like years. The deliberately false consensus on wiretapping of America's policy elite. With his latest coldly furious evisceration of yet another parrot like defender of executive lawbreaking it all comes to a kind of ragingly precise crescendo that is a joy to read.
Our Congress, with the political and media elite cheering, is about to violate every one of these principles. They are taking away from the judiciary the power to adjudicate allegations of lawbreaking. They are creating a two-tiered system of justice in which our most powerful corporations can break the law with impunity and government officials remain immune from consequences. And they are, in unity, spewing rank propaganda to the commoners -- who continue to be subjected to the harsh punishment for violations of the law and one of the world's most merciless justice systems -- in order to convince them that granting license to our political and corporate elites to break the law is necessary for their own Good and for their Safety.

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