Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Once or twice a year this blog goes dark for a few days or weeks as I am bundled off to the countryside to take the rest cure. That time is fast approaching again, I'll be heading off to my cabin on Friday for a week and a half of difficult and intensive lying on the deck and drinking.

In my absence instead of Rusty Idols going updateless, my good friend Matthew has kindly offered to help keep the guttering flames of Fort Ranty McHatey burning by taking time away from his vital mission of spreading the good news about Mothra to guestblog here.

Never fear, Matthew and I have been sympatico for years. We were Shop Stewards together in the bowels of Mordor and worked the picket line together. More importantly we have similarly twisted senses of humor; when we went to see the Dark Knight together this weekend we both thought 'the amazing disappearing pencil trick' was blackly hilarious.

Matthew will be keeping an eye on the bastards for me (you know who you are.) and doubtless giving some attention to things I wouldn't have been inspired to write about and ignoring other things I would consider vital, and this is right and proper and a great way to tear down some of the cobwebs.

I will probably have a few more posts out between now and heading off to enjoy my vacation, then it'll all be Matthew.

I'm almost positive this is a good idea. ; )

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